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Founded in 1966, FUJIKAWA & CO. has assisted many clients both in Japan and overseas to protect their Intellectual property assets.

Our staff composed of 2 patent/trademark attorneys, attorney at law, patent technology specialists in such fields as machinery manufacturing, biochemistry, high polymer chemistry, electronic equipment, electric engineering, Trademark and Design, Copyright law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law and the rest, as well as experienced paralegals, highly qualified secretaries & credentialed associates.
We are small, but we are able to provide high-level services, because patent/trademark attorneys and attorneys-in-law closely cooperate with each other. Also, we are very flexible, i.e., adaptable to clients' needs, because decision makers and staff closely cooperate with each other.

We feel sure that you will be satisfied with our proven enthusiasm for supporting you with your intellectual property assets with speed & quality.

Our Practice

The below are some aspects of our practice;
-Honest Pricing

At FUJIKAWA & CO, we aim to provide good advices and advanced strategy for intellectual properties as the best client's representation through our experience, recognition of client's disposition, as well as honest pricing system. Until 2001, Japan Patent Attorneys Association provided the list of charge to regulate attorney's fees. Now it is left up to each firm how to price its service. However, we decide our fees based on the JPAA's list of charge for fair and honest pricing.

-Automated paperwork

We have automated, and will automate typical paperworks so that we can concentrate on the tasks that need human thinking, to serve our clients more effectively and quickly.

Our major services

・Legal services for obtaining rights in patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks.
・Patent prior art searches & opinions.
・Trademark Registrability Searches & Opinions.
・Consultation in patent, utility model, design, and trademark matters including legal advice; trials and appeals; litigation; infringement; technology transfer, and licensing.
・Legal services concerning all aspects of copyright protection.
・Legal services related to unfair competition in the field of intellectual property.
" Legal services and support regarding international aspects of intellectual property.

Cases we have handled

Since 1966, we have handled more than 17000 IP cases. The figure includes approximately 2000 overseas cases, but we are proud to say that we put our energy mostly on domestic cases. This is because domestic cases require, and as a result give us opportunities to gain, professional experiences to protect clients' inventions, designs, and trademarks effectively in Japan.

*The figures are as of May 2023.
*Trademark includes pre-file search.


The firm is located in a business district near the Osaka Station. This location is suitable for guests from foreign countries. The office is three stations away from the Shin-Osaka station at which Shinkansen bullet trains stop.

Osaka office

8F Tradepia Yodoyabashi, 2-5-8 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0042, Japan
【Tel】 +81-6-6203-5171
【Fax】 +81-6-6203-5172


Subway Midosuji Line Yodoyabashi Station

Fujikawa & CO.
Amagasaki Branch

1-22, Nagasunishidori 1-chome, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo 660-0807 JAPAN
【Tel】 +81-6-6481-1297
【Fax】 +81-6-6401-1291


1 minute walk from JR Amagasaki Station south exit.