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Our attitude is always flexible to meet client's needs. Our response is always quick to save client's time.
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Not only can we be of your assist in the registration phase, we provide a powerful assistance in the litigation phase with seamless cooperation with 3 attorney-at-law.

(Patent Attorneys)
  • Yuji MASAKI
  • Yuko MIKAMI
  • (Advisory Patent Attorneys, Attorneys-in-law)
  • Yoshito FUJIKAWA
  • Hirotaka NONAKA
  • Sayaka AMEMIYA

  • Patent Attorneys

    Yuji MASAKI Patent Attorney

    Practice Area
    Patent, Design
    Major Areas of Expertise
    Technical Fields: Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering (mainly, .software engineering), Measurements, Information processing, Business models, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Procedures: Patent application; Prior art search; Offer of information; Intermediate procedure; Opposition; Trial for invalidation; litigation rescinding a trial decision; Litigation of infringement; Production of expert opinion
    Education / Career
    Osaka City University, Faculty of Science
    Field Application Engineer of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) (2000 - 2007)
    Hardware designer at a hardware company (2007 - 2009)
    Hardware design using HDL
    Development of image processing control block for printer
    Development of image processing control block for degital movie camera
    Development of image processing chip for cell-phone
    Fujikawa & Co. (2009 - )
    Japan Patent Attorneys Association registered as Patent Attorney in 2010
    Some of patent cases handled by Mr. MASAKI
    Electrical control equipment for small wind power generator
    Electrical control equipment for building maintenance unit
    USB thumb drive
    Control equipment for welding robot
    Control equipment for thermobarometry
    Electrical cable
    Control equipment of a machine tool
    Microwave control system
    Microbial electric generator
    Control system for soil survey
    Business model (ordering and delivery system of products, nutrition management system, support system of job offers and applications, health-care support system, etc.)
    Control equipment for computer of amusement machine
    Patent consultant at Hyogo Institute of Invention and Innovation

    Yuko MIKAMI Patent Attorney

    Practice Area
    Trademark, Design
    Osaka University of Foreign Studies (Major: International relationship)
    *currently known as Osaka University, School of Foreign Studies
    CDI College (Career training institution in Canada) (studied Software engineering)
    Software Engineer at a software company (2005 - 2009)
    Contracted development design of software for bank at system house
    Internal control system of Automated teller machine (ATM) for financial institution (Coin, Passbook part, and Card & Journal part and parts of communication)
    ATM watch & control system
    ATM resource delivery & collection system
    ATM doubling control server system in store
    Wind-Solar energy Hybrid Generation System at Cooperative Research Center for Environmental Preservation and Ecologial Life Cycles
    Translation of catalogues from Japanese to English
    Japan Patent Attorneys Association registered as Patent Attorney in 2010
    Fujikawa & Co. (2010 - )
    Patent consultant at Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
    Ms. MIKAMI joined Fujikawa and Co. in 2010. Since then, she has engaged in prosecutions for domestic clients to get trademark rights in abroad and also for foreign clients to get patent rights in Japan. She has handled more than 1500 pre-file searches and 600 prosecutions. With her abundant experience, she has achieved trust from a wide range of clients, from individual clients to major corporations.

    Advisory lawyers (Attorney-at-law)

    Yoshito FUJIKAWA Patent Attorney (Adviser), Attorney-at-law

    *Registered in YODOYABASHI & YAMAGAMI LPC as lawyer
    Profile in the law firm (click here)

    Waseda University (L.L.B.)
    Kyoto Institute of Technology, faculty of Materials and Life Science, department of Applied Biology
    Professional Experiences and Activities
    2002 - 2016 Visiting Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology Regional Collaborative Research Center
    2003 - Present Intellectual Property Specialist Advisor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Intellectual Property Headquarters
    2004 Member of "Intellectual Property Strategy Basic Research Group for SMEs and Venture Companies in the Kansai Region"
    2004 Member of "Post 2005 Research Study Group on IT Strategy of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Legal System Issues Subcommittee", commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    2007 Member of the Guideline Production Committee for the "Survey and Research Project on the Way of Disseminating and Providing Education and Learning Information" related to the "Project for Promoting the Dissemination and Utilization of Educational Information in the Community" commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    2007 - 2017 Part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University (Graduate School of Law)
    2008 - 2016 Visiting Associate Professor, Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Center, Kyoto University (currently Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Headquarters)
    2008 - Present Auditor, iPS Academia Japan Co., Ltd.
    2013 - 2015 Member of Trade and Industry Unfair Competition Prevention Law Investigation Committee, Ministry of Economy
    2013 - 2018 Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyoto Sangyo University
    2014 - 2017 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University (Graduate School of Law)
    2016 - Present Senior Fellow, Research Strategy Headquarters, University Strategy Promotion Organization, Kyoto Institute of Technology
    2016 - 2019 Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center Mediator / Arbitrator / Judge Candidate
    2018 - 2019 vice chairman of OSAKA BAR ASSOCIATION
    2019 - 2021 Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center Business Conformity Judge Candidate
    * Yoshito FUJIKAWA has received high evaluation at “Best Lawyers in Japan” in the field of Intellectual Property and Litigation for many years.
    Recent Publications
    2020 “Retweet case” (article, carried in the magazine “Chizai Prism” published by Intellectual Property Information Center, Economic and Industrial Research Association)
    2020“How to determine the cost burden in joint R & D” (article, carried in the book “How to proceed with joint research and development, points of contract” published by Technical Information Association)
    2019"Estoppel / conscious limitation", "estimation of negligence", "difference between patent and utility model" (articles, carried in the book “Legal advice on patents and utility models” published by Seirin Shoin)

    Hirotaka NONAKA Patent Attorney (Adviser), Attorney-at-law

    *Registered in YODOYABASHI & YAMAGAMI LPC as lawyer and patent attorney
    Profile in the law firm (click here)

    Education / Career
    Kyoto University, faculty of engineering, industrial chemistry
    Kyoto University, Graduate School of engineering, Polymer chemistry
    Sumitomo Bakelite Co., LTD. Researcher, Research Dept., Fundamental Research Laboratory
    Kyoto University, Law School
    LL.M. (Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, MIPLC)
    Recent publications
    2021 "Preventive Legal Handbook for SMEs" (book (co-authored), published by Chuokeizai-sha Co., Ltd.)
    2021 "A case in which a technical document cited as a prior art of a published patent gazette, which is the main reference, was first submitted and adopted in a trial decision revocation suit." (article (co-authored), carried in "Intellectual Property Management May 2021 (Vol.71 No.5)" published by Japan Intellectual Property Association)
    2021 "Explanation of points to be noted peculiar to numerically limited inventions-from the time of specification preparation to the time of patent proceedings-" (book, published by General Incorporated Association Economic and Industrial Research Council)
    2021"Japanese Patent Law Cases and Comments" ( book(co-authored), published by Wolters Kluwer)
    2020"Legal advice on patents and utility models I and II (latest Aobayashi legal advice)" (book (co-authored), Seirin Shoin (co-authored))
    2018 "FTO (Freedom to Operate) in the Pharmaceutical Industry" (book, published by Nomos Publishing)
    2018 "Comment on'Maxacalcitol II': Equivalent Infringement and File Wrapper Estoppel in Japan" (article, carried in "IIC --International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Vol. 49, No. 5, pp. 621")

    Sayaka AMEMIYA Attorney-at-law

    *Registered in YODOYABASHI & YAMAGAMI LPC as lawyer
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    Kyoto University (L.L.B, 2003)
    Professional Experiences and Activities
    2016 Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Studio Alice Co., Ltd.
    2017-present Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member of Studio Alice Co., Ltd.
    2017-present Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Regcell Co., Ltd.
    2018 Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University Law School (in charge of "Intellectual Property Case Study")
    Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Law, Kyoto Sangyo University (in charge of "Trademark / Design")
    2020 – present TONE Co., Ltd. Outside Director Audit and Supervisory Committee
    "Fuseikyousou no houritsusoudan - Legal consultation of Unfair Competition" (co-authored)
    "Chitekizaisanhou Saikousai Hanreihyoushakutaikei - Intellectual Property Law commentary on precedents of the Supreme Court" (co-authored)
    Ms. AMEMIYA has experienced numerous trials in patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and unfair competition. While she is a successful litigation lawyer, she puts much importance on preventive legal risk management so as to avoid trials. For this reason, she welcomes her clients to contact her even for small matters.